What if it rains

We have photographed so many rainy day weddings over the years. In fact it rained on our own wedding day! Rain can create great opportunities for photos you just can’t duplicate on bright sunny days. Here’s a few…and some tips


Even the most subtle forms of reflections can help tell your story and repaint the mood of the wedding day.

Bubble umbrellas 

 You can get some bubble umbrellas for you and your ladies to use as props if it’s your style. And if not…

Wait ’till the rain pauses…

When everything is wet, and the rain gives a break, everything just seems so calm, and clean and peaceful. We can head out and take a few shots, perhaps while your guest are eating their meal or any other time that your wedding schedule will allow for it.

And if you’re a brave soul and you worship the rain then simply just

Embrace it!

Or at least try to 🙂

Have fun, get wet, get dunked! It’s your day, make it memorable and sweet.

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