And you may now kiss the bride…

So , one of the few things that frustrates us during the ceremony is where the oh so important yet, not so important officiant stands when performing the ceremony.  A year or 10 years down the line when you thumb through your wedding album, you will not want to look back at photos from your ceremony and wonder why the justice of the peace was oh so close and present in all your ceremony images.   Here are a few ideas of how to prevent this…

1. Simple put, when the ritualistic and important photographic moments arrive, kindly ask your jp  or pasture to step slightly to the side so that proper photos can be taken without them being photobombed.

2. Chose a perfect location with a great scenery and foliage with nothing or no one obstructing it. Then your photos while exchanging your vows and having your fist kiss, can be as memorable in photos as on the day of your saying ” I do”

3. Of course, if the reverend  or officiant happens to be the father of the bride or groom, then by all means get them involved as this will perhaps be one of the most memorable part of the day.

Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure that there is open communication between you and your officiant to ensure the best  memories are captured during your ever so important wedding ceremony.

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