Benefits of a tent wedding

There are numerous advantages to opt for a tent wedding. First of foremost, from our own experience, had  we opted for a tent, we wouldn’t have had to rush all our guest inside the barn when our outdoor ceremony was rained on ( Weill I guess I could have been on time too, that may have helped) 

So aside from protection from the elements, what other benefits are there to having  your wedding in a tent?

Well you can conceivably cut down on total expense and have a wedding in your own backyard as most of our couples have. Bear in mind though that you will have to get tableware, chairs, linen etc but there are many providers that can help you with such.

So when you are done getting ready you can simply look outside the window.

Tent weddings also give you a clean slate.. everything is white, so if you want an English themed wedding or all flamed up jazz, you start with a clean white tent and can go wild with your imagination.

And on hot summer days, if you have little guest , they can escort each other out of the tent in search for a cool place to hang out as these two did 🙂 

Tents can also provide a romantic backdrop for a precious moment between the newly weds.

And when evening comes around,

Your guest can spend the cool evenings enjoying each other’s company and even enjoy fireworks if you plan on having some and if it is legal in your area.

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