Winter Wonderland Engagements: Ludlow, VT weddings

So you’re engaged! Its time for engagement pics before your Spring or Summer wedding. But how? Why would anyone want engagement pictures during the winter? Well here are five reasons and tips for winter engagement photo sessions. See if any of these resonate with you!engmnt_sessions0010

1. Diffused light. Talk to any photographer who specializes in photographing people, diffused lighting is your friend! It softens facial features and gives such a nice , clean, cool mood to outdoor portraits. Tip: Wear colors that not only compliment your skin tone but also compliment each other.engmnt_sessions0011

2. Its Winter! Really! wouldn’t you like to have fond memories attached to what’s otherwise a brutally cold and unforgiving season? After your wedding, and you sit at home on your couch cuddled up with your new husband, and you flip through your engagement photo album, the smiles will come rushing in as you remember the exciting time you had making memories in the cold. Tip: Wear layers, or at least bring a coat with you so in between photos you can warm up a bit.engmnt_sessions0015





3. It snows in winter.  Snow, glorious snow is the perfect backdrop for any winter engagement session. There is nothing like it! Believe me! And this is coming from a Jamaican who hates being cold. But trust me, It is worth the effort to get out there and have those images made beneath a blanket of snow. Tip: If you are not too scared of driving over a little crushed snow, you can venture out to meet your photographer at the bottom of a ski hill or ski lodge ( especially if you live further south where snow falls once a year but the mountains are relatively close by).




4: No reason to rush. Winter days go by slowly sometimes and there is no reason to rush through a winter photo session. You may think you want to just get it over and done with but you’re really better off to take your time. Tips: Take breaks. Plan ahead with your photographer a few images/ style you’d like to capture so that after those set of images, you can run back to your heated car, or the lodge to warm up a bit before beginning the next set.




And Finally, just have fun!! Keep each other warm! Ignore us as we topple all over with our cameras on our backs,  treading through snow trying to get the best shot of you! Winter engagement session are a chance to become a kid again, but in Love and passionately so!





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