For sentimental reasons

We live on our phones. We live in our computerized car, listening to podcasts; we live on Facebook, Instagram…we just can’t live without technology. But! We don’t go on a virtual vacation do we?  And we certainly don’t have a virtual wedding. Because no matter what- sights, sounds, textures and smells will forever be necessary for us to ENJOY  life!

That is why at Daydream Lane, we make sure that your wedding experience  can be tangibly relived through quality, hand-crafted products that suit your lifestyle.

Our Kallitypes



Our bestseller! Kallitypes are one of a kind historically made prints produced by yours truly, Daydrielane. Each print is carefully made through a process used in the late 1800’s when photography began to emerge as an art form. No prints are ever the same making them as unique as you are!



They create a visceral sensation, allowing you to relive your wedding day  with fondness and sentimentality!

Flush mounted albums

Our flush mounted albums are crafted by hand using archival materials. Choose from our Italian leather, canvas or photo covers. These heirloom albums will wow everyone who lays hands on them!




Folios are a classic way to display your favorite photos. They are handcrafted from archival mat board and covered with beautiful linen.



Our Lagniappes are handmade using archival canvas jute and hardwood. Unlike canvas gallery wraps, Lagniappe prints are beautiful hanging posters that can also be engraved with your names and wedding date. They are also great for engagement photos that can be hung during your reception for all your guest to admire!



How do you want to see your wedding 5, 10 years from now?

Do you want to walk by and see them on your walls, or do you want them in an album so that your child can flip through them?

Yes we believe that life should be lived with every sense imaginable!

At Daydream Lane, we are instilling  beautiful  memory through art



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