Why preserve your wedding photos!

I grew up in rays of sunshine, a stones throw from the ocean in Jamaica. Whatever “tikka tiki” fish we caught would be cooked in the backyard on a make shift coal stove.me-at-see-for-blog.jpg

I remember drinking mannish water ( goat soup) after they slaughtered “Sheba” (yes we named our food) in the back yard. Grandpa came wearing black slacks and white shirt and drank his soup and ate his goat right in the backyard with us. Man such fond memoriesskinning sheba




Thats me in the middle in white dress and red shoes!!

After running my dads photo studio for a few years , my curiosity took me to explore Vermont. I never knew such pristine beauty could also dish out such cruel, bitter, relentless cold. Thanks to a few friends, a great art community and my now husband, Vermont became tolerable.


uhhm that last picture is not my husband, thats a musician…Lucas was behind the camera. 

Then I learned a new language, found a one way ticket to Taiwan on an adventure never to be repeated… Well so I thought but Lucas and I for our second honeymoon went back to Taiwan and enjoyed, “Hot pots, bible tea , and other asian treats! I lived for those Chinese night markets!


Fast forward ten years, and I’m now in SC with my husband, parents, beautiful child and another on the way. Having tangible prints in my hand and on the walls in my home, to relive all of life’s greatest experiences are of utmost importance to me. The people who have come into my life and left, due to being oceans or time zones a part or …death are forever vivid and fresh in each photograph…

That is why it is important to me that all my clients, who treasure life and have rich experiences to share and relive, get these tangible prints of their own journey, especially the one of their love story, included with each of our wedding packages. Let us design something beautiful for you to remember ALWAYS!




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