How to prepare for your engagement make-over session!

So you’re ready to take your engagement photos. It will be fun, exhilarating and you will be drop dead gorgeous, but these steps at minimum must be followed to ensure a successful photo session for you and your beau…


  1. Get lots of sleep the night before! Not a necessity but it totally helpsjrbefore01
  2. Select appropriate clothing ahead of time and send to photographer for approval. Your photographer is not a stylist purse, but she has taken enough photos in her life to know what combinations will work depending on the look you are going for. You certainly don’t want to show up for your shoot without proper attire and be disappointed..and bring extra too! Accidents do happen!jrb04
  3. arrive with clean, recently shampooed AND dried hair so the stylist can work magic on your coif! If you decide to do a hair color change, do so long before your scheduled shoot to make sure you are pleased with color results.jrb05




4. It would not be a bad I deal to moisturize your skin so the make-up artist had a clean, fresh canvas to begin with. Maybe even get a facial ahead of time…jrb10


5. If you”be showing off your bling, make sure your nails are camera ready too. If you are not into the whole manicure salon thing, at least makes sure they are not dirty or torn..clip them..seriously at bare minimum.jrb15





6. Did you know? Something that may escape your preparation radar is that good underwear goes a long way in making you feel beautiful for your shoot! 😉jrb16



7.. And finally, come prepared to feel beautiful, have fun and make sure you have plans after to show the world your gorgeous look of the day:-)


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