img_4127We are family first and artists second.

We like to think of Daydream Lane as a place; a place full of textures and sounds and familiar smells.  It is  a community where everyone appreciates storytelling through art and photography; a place where weddings, however small are celebrated and heirlooms are created to be treasured in each and every home for generations to come.   Lucas and Daydrielane have been married for 9 years and have been photographing weddings together for 8 of those years. In 2016, Lucas’ cousin and one of Daydrielane’s besties, Allegra joined the team with her expertise in graphic design and web development. img_4124 DAYDRIELANE OSORIO Owner/Photographer
  • ORIGIN: Kingston, Jamaica
  • FAVORITE BOOK : The Elegance of the Hedgehog ~ Muriel Barbery.
  • INSPIRATION : I am inspired by my childhood memories.
  • PASSION: I have a passion to connect with people through photography.
  • PERSONAL STYLE: Eclectic
  • FAVORITE FOOD : My mother makes a killer curried goat! It’s to die for!!!


LUCAS OSORIO Owner/Photographer
  • ORIGIN: Morrisville, Vermont
  • FAVORITE BOOK : Anything about fly fishing.
  • INSPIRATION : Max Osorio, my father. An artist and a thinker.
  • PASSION: Fishing, anything outdoors
  • PERSONAL STYLE: Funky old man
  • FAVORITE FOOD : I salivate when I see a cow in a pasture! Carnivore.




  • ORIGIN: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • FAVORITE BOOK :I hate to read but I love music of all genres.
  • INSPIRATION : I am inspired by my dad…a passionate hard worker.
  • PASSION: Travel the world
  • FAVORITE FOOD : Chocolate

50a2cb88-afd7-46ce-bc33-41c179b8078b SHILOH OSORIO The Motivator
  • ORIGIN: Greenville, South Carolina
  • FAVORITE BOOK : The Very Hungry Caterpillar~ Eric Carle.
  • INSPIRATION :the sound of water and rain
  • PASSION: Jazz music, Arty Shaw makes me do a mean jig!
  • PERSONAL STYLE: People think  I’m a girl so  I never wear pink!
  • FAVORITE FOOD : Pumpkins with maple almond butter and avocado
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