Artist Support pledge

#Artist Support Pledge

is a generous culture and dynamic economy in support of artists and makers. The concept is a simple one, artist post images of their works to sell for NO MORE than $200. Anyone can then buy the work. Every time an artist reaches $1000 of sales, they pledge to buy another artist’s work for $200.


In the spirit of mutual support and generosity. Lets #buylocal, #supportlocalartists.

Below you will find original, handcrafted carbon transfer prints by me. Purchase prints below.

The images below are digital representations of the actual handmade carbon prints. Click on videos to see the process of print coming to life!

“This old Banner Elk house I” – Carbon transfer
“This old Banner Elk House I” coming to life
“Hot Nuts” – carbon transfer

More prints to come. Also follow me on instagram for more works that are available.

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