5 Amazing Venues for your Intimate South Carolina Wedding!

If you still can’t figure out where would be great place to say I do, here is a good place to start! Let’s keep this one sweet and simple shall we? The Red Horse Inn Nestled between the beautiful mountains in Landrum, SC, The Red Horse Inn, is a great venue for your intimate, weddingContinue reading “5 Amazing Venues for your Intimate South Carolina Wedding!”

How to prepare for your engagement make-over session!

So you’re ready to take your engagement photos. It will be fun, exhilarating and you will be drop dead gorgeous, but these steps at minimum must be followed to ensure a successful photo session for you and your beau… Get lots of sleep the night before! Not a necessity but it totally helps Select appropriateContinue reading “How to prepare for your engagement make-over session!”

Full service engagement shoot: Taylors Mill

What if in addition to having great photos, you can have the opportunity to get all dolled up for a night out with your beau? ( after all why waste all that perfectly good make-up and hairstyle on just photos!) If you are not into doing a themed shoot or being formal for your pictures,Continue reading “Full service engagement shoot: Taylors Mill”

How to Have fun at your wedding

Step 1: Have a casual rehearsal dinner! Fancy rehearsal dinners are great, however, if your college friends and roommates will be there, they might want something a little more casual to relive those college (or high school days). Even grandpa can have fun watching you younglings make absolute fools of yourselves 🙂   Step 2: GiveContinue reading “How to Have fun at your wedding”

Winter wedding anyone? Charleston SC: Historic Rice Mill

I have to say, up north I enjoyed doing winters in the wedding because of the potential of a winter wonderland BUT The south has its own gems and its own benefits. In fact, regardless of what season you get Married in South Carolina, I guarantee, there are amazing venues that can provide great theContinue reading “Winter wedding anyone? Charleston SC: Historic Rice Mill”

Intimate Fall wedding: The Hubbell Homestead, Bennington, Vermont

Vermont Wedding photos A wedding does not need to be elaborate to be exquisite! With less than 20 guests, this couple had the most perfect afternoon affair, filled with great wine, food and a bonfire! Feast your eyes please on these Vermont Wedding photos. See how this couple accomplished it then read on for someContinue reading “Intimate Fall wedding: The Hubbell Homestead, Bennington, Vermont”

Spring Wedding: Three Pines View lodge, Salem, SC

Spring Wedding My favorite season of all time in the South is Spring!! Glorious glorious Spring! So what does it take to pull off a spring wedding? Let these images help you with great ideas while you plan your own affair. The Three Pines View  Lodge in Salem , SC is a unique gem nestledContinue reading “Spring Wedding: Three Pines View lodge, Salem, SC”

Tea, tarts & poetry: a romantic getaway on the battenkill in Manchester, Vermont

“The ceremony is over, the happy couple have bid there good byes. The Bride sneaks away first to the river  She sits reading her favorite book of Frost’s poetry, awaiting the arrival of her newly wedded husband. Then he arrives! Finally they are alone to celebrate their newly exchanged commitment to each other. Forget the cake cuttingContinue reading “Tea, tarts & poetry: a romantic getaway on the battenkill in Manchester, Vermont”

Why preserve your wedding photos!

I grew up in rays of sunshine, a stones throw from the ocean in Jamaica. Whatever “tikka tiki” fish we caught would be cooked in the backyard on a make shift coal stove. I remember drinking mannish water ( goat soup) after they slaughtered “Sheba” (yes we named our food) in the back yard. GrandpaContinue reading “Why preserve your wedding photos!”

For sentimental reasons

We live on our phones. We live in our computerized car, listening to podcasts; we live on Facebook, Instagram…we just can’t live without technology. But! We don’t go on a virtual vacation do we?  And we certainly don’t have a virtual wedding. Because no matter what- sights, sounds, textures and smells will forever be necessaryContinue reading “For sentimental reasons”