A Perfect Vermont Wedding

The day could not have been more perfect! With creamy sunshine and stunning cloud clusters, Todd and Jessica had the perfect New England: A  wedding that brides could only dream of! Guests flew in from around the country and world; from Wisconsins, to South Carolina, Las Vegas and the Netherlands; Though a rather small intimate wedding, Todd and Jessica wanted to make sure that the most important people were in attendance.

The ceremony took place on the top of a picturesque mountain trail in North Bennington, Vermont called Miles around Woods. This trail holds a very special place for the couple as this was where Todd proposed to Jessica. Here are a few images of this amazing, outdoors mountain side wedding:

Winter Wonderland Engagements: Ludlow, VT weddings

So you’re engaged! Its time for engagement pics before your Spring or Summer wedding. But how? Why would anyone want engagement pictures during the winter? Well here are five reasons and tips for winter engagement photo sessions. See if any of these resonate with you!engmnt_sessions0010

1. Diffused light. Talk to any photographer who specializes in photographing people, diffused lighting is your friend! It softens facial features and gives such a nice , clean, cool mood to outdoor portraits. Tip: Wear colors that not only compliment your skin tone but also compliment each other.engmnt_sessions0011

2. Its Winter! Really! wouldn’t you like to have fond memories attached to what’s otherwise a brutally cold and unforgiving season? After your wedding, and you sit at home on your couch cuddled up with your new husband, and you flip through your engagement photo album, the smiles will come rushing in as you remember the exciting time you had making memories in the cold. Tip: Wear layers, or at least bring a coat with you so in between photos you can warm up a bit.engmnt_sessions0015





3. It snows in winter.  Snow, glorious snow is the perfect backdrop for any winter engagement session. There is nothing like it! Believe me! And this is coming from a Jamaican who hates being cold. But trust me, It is worth the effort to get out there and have those images made beneath a blanket of snow. Tip: If you are not too scared of driving over a little crushed snow, you can venture out to meet your photographer at the bottom of a ski hill or ski lodge ( especially if you live further south where snow falls once a year but the mountains are relatively close by).




4: No reason to rush. Winter days go by slowly sometimes and there is no reason to rush through a winter photo session. You may think you want to just get it over and done with but you’re really better off to take your time. Tips: Take breaks. Plan ahead with your photographer a few images/ style you’d like to capture so that after those set of images, you can run back to your heated car, or the lodge to warm up a bit before beginning the next set.




And Finally, just have fun!! Keep each other warm! Ignore us as we topple all over with our cameras on our backs,  treading through snow trying to get the best shot of you! Winter engagement session are a chance to become a kid again, but in Love and passionately so!





When Perry married Alli: The Red Horse Inn, Landrum, SC Wedding

Perry and Alli’s wedding is a perfect example of keeping it simple and classy! Originally planned as an elopement, when close family members found out about the affair, they did all they could, traveling from Texas and other states to witness the matrimony. A total of 8 guests including, a very close friend of Perry’s (who married the couple), witnessed the union of two beautiful human beings on a beautiful day in the most beautiful location! Here is a sampling of their small wedding:










It was touching to witness the homage paid to Perry’s mom who had passed away.IMG_1881a_p





What little sis does not want to hang around big Sis’ even after the I do’s! I know if she could, she would be right there with them on their honeymoon! 🙂IMG_1935a_p







The couple received a beautiful heirloom flush mounted album and a one of a kind Kallitype print hand made by yours truly  to treasure this sacred occasion of theirs forever!

An anniversary shoot: small, sweet and simple!

It’s true that after many years of marriage it would be easy to take each other for granted. So what’s the antidote?  Sometimes it’s the simple, sweet and thoughtful things that truly count!  Here is a mini anniversary styled shoot to give you a few ideas. Follow this lovely couple who recently celebrated their 12th year of marital bliss and see what you can learn from them.

(Venue:The Grove at Pennington, Flowers: Earth Bloom Flowers, Make-up The House of Flawless)



Chivalry never goes out of style, thats right, bring her flowers unexpectedly and you are bound to make her blush!











….whispering sweet ‘lovey doveyness’ in her ears I see 🙂







Benefits of a tent wedding

There are numerous advantages to opt for a tent wedding. First of foremost, from our own experience, had  we opted for a tent, we wouldn’t have had to rush all our guest inside the barn when our outdoor ceremony was rained on ( Weill I guess I could have been on time too, that may have helped) 

So aside from protection from the elements, what other benefits are there to having  your wedding in a tent?

Well you can conceivably cut down on total expense and have a wedding in your own backyard as most of our couples have. Bear in mind though that you will have to get tableware, chairs, linen etc but there are many providers that can help you with such.

So when you are done getting ready you can simply look outside the window.

Tent weddings also give you a clean slate.. everything is white, so if you want an English themed wedding or all flamed up jazz, you start with a clean white tent and can go wild with your imagination.

And on hot summer days, if you have little guest , they can escort each other out of the tent in search for a cool place to hang out as these two did 🙂 

Tents can also provide a romantic backdrop for a precious moment between the newly weds.

And when evening comes around,

Your guest can spend the cool evenings enjoying each other’s company and even enjoy fireworks if you plan on having some and if it is legal in your area.

And you may now kiss the bride…

So , one of the few things that frustrates us during the ceremony is where the oh so important yet, not so important officiant stands when performing the ceremony.  A year or 10 years down the line when you thumb through your wedding album, you will not want to look back at photos from your ceremony and wonder why the justice of the peace was oh so close and present in all your ceremony images.   Here are a few ideas of how to prevent this…

1. Simple put, when the ritualistic and important photographic moments arrive, kindly ask your jp  or pasture to step slightly to the side so that proper photos can be taken without them being photobombed.

2. Chose a perfect location with a great scenery and foliage with nothing or no one obstructing it. Then your photos while exchanging your vows and having your fist kiss, can be as memorable in photos as on the day of your saying ” I do”

3. Of course, if the reverend  or officiant happens to be the father of the bride or groom, then by all means get them involved as this will perhaps be one of the most memorable part of the day.

Regardless of what you decide to do, make sure that there is open communication between you and your officiant to ensure the best  memories are captured during your ever so important wedding ceremony.

Windows, doors and light

We use natural light..mostly, except for the rare circumstance where it’s just not enough. Natural light is beautiful, and when diffused or shot through glass i.e. windows and doors, it can lend to very artistic, flattering and soft images. Here are a few examples:

Getting Ready:

It is important when you choose a location for getting ready that you choose one that has sufficient natural light available in an uncluttered surrounding. Also, give yourself a lot of time to unwind, as you will be just pure emotions all day:)


Portraits & Silhoettes:

A window or door can frame a bride beautifully and silhouettes have been a timeless way to capture those last precious moments, when the bride is done getting ready , right before the ceremony.

A farm and meadow affair : Stratton, VT Wedding

We love meeting cool people who plan cool weddings. From the Winnebago, to the tractor and hay bail rides, to the home brewed beer, everything about this wedding was unique and all their own.




What if it rains

We have photographed so many rainy day weddings over the years. In fact it rained on our own wedding day! Rain can create great opportunities for photos you just can’t duplicate on bright sunny days. Here’s a few…and some tips


Even the most subtle forms of reflections can help tell your story and repaint the mood of the wedding day.

Bubble umbrellas 

 You can get some bubble umbrellas for you and your ladies to use as props if it’s your style. And if not…

Wait ’till the rain pauses…

When everything is wet, and the rain gives a break, everything just seems so calm, and clean and peaceful. We can head out and take a few shots, perhaps while your guest are eating their meal or any other time that your wedding schedule will allow for it.

And if you’re a brave soul and you worship the rain then simply just

Embrace it!

Or at least try to 🙂

Have fun, get wet, get dunked! It’s your day, make it memorable and sweet.