Full service engagement shoot: Taylors Mill

What if in addition to having great photos, you can have the opportunity to get all dolled up for a night out with your beau? ( after all why waste all that perfectly good make-up and hairstyle on just photos!) If you are not into doing a themed shoot or being formal for your pictures,Continue reading “Full service engagement shoot: Taylors Mill”

Winter Wonderland Engagements: Ludlow, VT weddings

So you’re engaged! Its time for engagement pics before your Spring or Summer wedding. But how? Why would anyone want engagement pictures during the winter? Well here are five reasons and tips for winter engagement photo sessions. See if any of these resonate with you! 1. Diffused light. Talk to any photographer who specializes inContinue reading “Winter Wonderland Engagements: Ludlow, VT weddings”