Conquering SCD: Portraits of Individuals living with SCD.

…The making of the prints…a few examples


September is Sickle Cell Awareness month!! Please take a minute to find out all about Sickle Cell Disease, its symptoms and how it’s treated. Also find out how you can support those living with the disease, locally here in South Carolina. Please visit L.D Barksdale foundation.

AND Thank you to  GVL today for hi lighting me as one of your “10 local artist to have your eye on! Much appreciated.

On view February 4th to March 16th, 2020, at the Greer City Hall in Greer, SC are photographic works by Artist Daydrielane Osorio. These Hand-made Van Dyke photographs will hi light 10 individuals in the upstate living with Sickle Cell Disease. The intent is to bring awareness and exposure to the disease and thus increase research and community advocacy. The Artist , Daydrielane , originally from Jamaica , dedicated this exhibition to her sister , Rhonda Graham who passed from the  disease in 2008.

The exhibition is made possible in part from support provided by public and private entities including Metropolitan Arts Council, the City of Greenville, BMW manufacturing Company , Michelin North America , SEW, Eurodrive and the South Carolina Arts Comission.

When I was 15 years old, my dad purchased a photography studio in the heart of downtown, Kingston. Well that business became mine and from age 17 on, I enrolled in Art college to learn about photography. I also took professional make up classes so I could provide a wonderful portrait experience for my clients. My sister, Rhonda, 4 years younger than I, was my little guinea pig. I would dress her up in feathers and glitter and hats so big, 90’s style, they swallowed her little head. But she enjoyed every moment of it and so did I!

Rhonda passed away on July 10th, 2008 as she finally lost her battle against sickle cell disease; a common inherited blood disorder . I am a mother of two now, currently living in Greenville SC and it weighs heavy on my heart that my sister cannot share in my joys but I will always remember fondly the times we laughed together taking pictures!!

I have been thinking for years about a way I can contribute in memory of my sister, but have just not been able to face it until recently.

In  2018, I read an article in the Greenville News about a new Greenville Sickle Cell advisory board, consisting of volunteers, and community leaders  such as Councilwoman Lillian Brock Fleming , and Dr. Alan Anderson, Pediatric Hemotology-Oncologist, working together as a team to increase awareness about the disease and to increase the lifespan of sickle cell disease patients. 

According to a 2013 Study conducted by the John Hopkins School of Medicine, the life expectancy of adults with SCD has dramatically decreased. ( from 42 for men and 48 for women in 1994, to 38 and 42 respectively by 2005.) 

They postulate that this dramatic decrease may reflect a lack of access to high quality care for adults with SCD.

My sister was 20 years old at the time of her death. It is my love and memory of herthat has motivated me to create this project. Through photography and short video clips, I wish to increase awareness of the challenges and needs of people like my sister. I also want to highlight their beautiful qualities and encouraging stories.

Photos of participants used are shown below.

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