Home: an exploration during Covid

So I’m plagiarizing my son! There! let me get that out there first but seriously, my eldest son has taken a liking to photography. Everyday he asks to borrow my phone to take pictures ( I don’t dare give him my camera yet as he’s a hyper active 4-year-old ). His viewpoint is so interesting! When I go back and look at the photos he’s taken, mostly mundane, Im still impressed! 

Recently I read about a call for artist to submit on the theme of “Home” …During this time of quarantine and a pandemic, what does home mean to you? And immediately I thought of Shiloh, my little #turtlefrogmonkeyboy …going around every nook and cranny of our home bouncing up and down, climbing , jumping.. soothing his imagination, energy and restlessness in every conceivable way! And so I thought, I’m going to paint his photos! And hence the plagiarism! And hence the birth of a new project to keep the sanity here in the Osorio clan! 

Here is the first of a few of his images, and my renditions to come will be posted soon!

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