Winter wedding anyone? Charleston SC: Historic Rice Mill

I have to say, up north I enjoyed doing winters in the wedding because of the potential of a winter wonderland BUT The south has its own gems and its own benefits. In fact, regardless of what season you get Married in South Carolina, I guarantee, there are amazing venues that can provide great theContinue reading “Winter wedding anyone? Charleston SC: Historic Rice Mill”

Intimate Fall wedding: The Hubbell Homestead, Bennington, Vermont

Vermont Wedding photos A wedding does not need to be elaborate to be exquisite! With less than 20 guests, this couple had the most perfect afternoon affair, filled with great wine, food and a bonfire! Feast your eyes please on these Vermont Wedding photos. See how this couple accomplished it then read on for someContinue reading “Intimate Fall wedding: The Hubbell Homestead, Bennington, Vermont”

Spring Wedding: Three Pines View lodge, Salem, SC

Spring Wedding My favorite season of all time in the South is Spring!! Glorious glorious Spring! So what does it take to pull off a spring wedding? Let these images help you with great ideas while you plan your own affair. The Three Pines View  Lodge in Salem , SC is a unique gem nestledContinue reading “Spring Wedding: Three Pines View lodge, Salem, SC”

Tea, tarts & poetry: a romantic getaway on the battenkill in Manchester, Vermont

“The ceremony is over, the happy couple have bid there good byes. The Bride sneaks away first to the river  She sits reading her favorite book of Frost’s poetry, awaiting the arrival of her newly wedded husband. Then he arrives! Finally they are alone to celebrate their newly exchanged commitment to each other. Forget the cake cuttingContinue reading “Tea, tarts & poetry: a romantic getaway on the battenkill in Manchester, Vermont”

A Perfect Vermont Wedding

The day could not have been more perfect! With creamy sunshine and stunning cloud clusters, Todd and Jessica had the perfect New England: A  wedding that brides could only dream of! Guests flew in from around the country and world; from Wisconsins, to South Carolina, Las Vegas and the Netherlands; Though a rather small intimateContinue reading “A Perfect Vermont Wedding”

When Perry married Alli: The Red Horse Inn, Landrum, SC Wedding

Perry and Alli’s wedding is a perfect example of keeping it simple and classy! Originally planned as an elopement, when close family members found out about the affair, they did all they could, traveling from Texas and other states to witness the matrimony. A total of 8 guests including, a very close friend of Perry’sContinue reading “When Perry married Alli: The Red Horse Inn, Landrum, SC Wedding”

Benefits of a tent wedding

There are numerous advantages to opt for a tent wedding. First of foremost, from our own experience, had  we opted for a tent, we wouldn’t have had to rush all our guest inside the barn when our outdoor ceremony was rained on ( Weill I guess I could have been on time too, that mayContinue reading “Benefits of a tent wedding”