Who We Are

We are family first, artists second.

We like to think of Daydream Lane as a place; a place full of textures and sounds and familiar smells. It is a community where everyone appreciates quality and unique, tangible artifacts; a place where weddings, however small, are celebrated and heirlooms are created to be treasured in each and every home for generations to come. We are not for everyone, but you just know when you belong. Let us tell stories together and preserve them with timeless, one of a kind prints and beautiful, flush mounted albums.

Lucas and Daydrielane have been married for 9 years and have been photographing weddings together for 8 of those years. In 2016, Lucas’ cousin and one of Daydrielane’s besties, Allegra joined the team with her expertise in graphic design and web development.



Daydrielane Osorio

Origin: Kingston, Jamaica
Favorite book: The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery
Inspiration: I am inspired by childhood memories
Passion: I have a passion to connect with people through photography
Personal style: Eclectic
Favorite food: My mother makes a killer curried goat! It’s to die for!


Lucas Osorio

Origin: Morrisville, Vermont
Favorite book: Anything about fly fishing
Inspiration: Max Osorio, my father. An artist and a thinker
Passion: Fishing, anything outdoors
Personal style: Funky old man
Favorite food: I salivate when I see a cow in a pasture! Carnivore.









Allegra Jones

Origin: Honolulu, Hawaii
Favorite book: I don’t enjoy reading but I LOVE music of all genres
Inspiration: My dad, a passionate hard worker and musician at heart
Passion: Travel, finding beautiful things
Personal style: Modern
Favorite food: Chocolate









Shiloh Osorio

Origin: Greenville, South Carolina
Favorite book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Inspiration: The sound of water and rain
Passion: Jazz music, Arty Shaw makes me do a mean jig!
Personal style: People think I’m a girl so I never wear pink!
Favorite food: Pumpkins with maple almond butter and avocado

Daydrielane and Lucas are absolutely wonderful! They were very good at communicating and checking in months before the wedding. The questionnaire they give lets them really get to know you and to become part of the day. They were up for anything- we took a chair lift up to the top of the mountain in Vermont and took all our pictures there- it was fantastic. We really got to know them with our one-on-one time (Daydrielane with me and My husband on a separate chairlift with Lucas) not only are they great photographers, but wonderful people. They don’t over instruct and really just make the day feel more special. Daydrielane and Lucas are a great team- they will climb trees and lay on the floor to make sure every moment is captured. I highly recommend them! My husband and I feel lucky to have had them be a part of our special day.

Jamie Taylor

not only are they great photographers, but wonderful people. . . they will make sure every moment is captured

I’m kind of upset that there are only five stars to give! I hired Lucas and Daydrielane  to photograph my daughter’s wedding a few years ago and again to shoot my son’s wedding last year because they took such outstanding pictures. I can’t even begin to tell you how much care they took to make sure that every picture was (more than) perfect. They were never in the way, but somehow were everywhere at once – shooting from every angle. They always seemed to find the right angle – even if it meant climbing, ducking, etc. My son’s wedding was outside on a COLD rainy day and not only did they get some of the most amazing pictures that I’ve ever seen, but they went BACK to the locale after warming up so that they could take some more IN the water!!! You won’t find better than Daydream Lane! You will NOT be disappointed. I would never recommend anyone else. THANKS Lucas and Daydrielane!!!

Cheryl Edwards

photographs that would make the entire day, from getting dressed to the last dance, seem as magical 50 years from now as it did in the moment

This summer my wife and I had Lucas and Daydrielane photograph our wedding. I am curator at the Bennington Museum and she is an artist and art teacher. Needless to say, we definitely wanted someone who could take powerful, beautiful images of our wedding-photographs that would make the entire day, from getting dressed to the last dance, seem as magical 50 years from now as it did in the moment. We were recommended to Lucas and Daydrielane by Kevin Bubriski, a nationally renowned documentary photographer. We were NOT disappointed. 6 months later we are still wowed every time we look through the photos. It seems like they were EVERYWHERE that day and captured all the important, and not so important, moments from unique and engaging perspectives with humor, wit and sentiment. We truly couldn’t recommend them more highly. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
THANK YOU Lucas and Daydrielane!!!
Jamie Franklin and Renee Bouchard