Who We Are





Daydrielane Osorio


My formal training in the fine arts began in Jamaica at the Edna Manley College of Arts, while successfully operating a photography studio in the heart of Downtown, Kingston. There, I found a love for portrait photography and the transformational force it had on ordinary people.

In 2004 , I left Jamaica to attend Bennington College in Vermont. While at Bennington, I was introduced to historical processing methods to print photographs. These methods are not only beautiful, but their characteristics allow them to render portraits timeless!

Today we are bombarded and enslaved to the digital world and rarely print excellent quality images to hang on our walls, images we can be proud of!

Allow me to take amazing photographs of you and then hand print them so you can own the best photographs of yourself and display them beautifully in your home!


Lucas Osorio


Origin: Morrisville, Vermont
Favorite book: Anything about fly fishing
Inspiration: Max Osorio, my father. An artist and a thinker
Passion: Fishing, anything outdoors
Personal style: Funky old man
Favorite food: I salivate when I see a cow in a pasture! Carnivore.



Allegra Jonesimg_4121


Origin: Honolulu, Hawaii
Favorite book: I don’t enjoy reading but I LOVE music of all genres
Inspiration: My dad, a passionate hard worker and musician at heart
Passion: Travel, finding beautiful things
Personal style: Modern
Favorite food: Chocolate