5 Amazing Venues for your Intimate South Carolina Wedding!

If you still can’t figure out where would be great place to say I do, here is a good place to start! Let’s keep this one sweet and simple shall we?

The Red Horse Inn

Nestled between the beautiful mountains in Landrum, SC, The Red Horse Inn, is a great venue for your intimate, wedding or elopement. The Inn boasts several beautiful stand alone cottages, with private baths and Jacuzzi, thus providing a great place to start your honeymoon right after the nuptials. The horses grazing in the pasture, and the most beautiful sunsets (and sunrises) makes this place an ideal location for your wedding and creates many amazing photo opportunities.





The Grove at Pennington

Not too far from The Red Horse Inn, you will find another treasure: The Grove at Pennington. The Grove at Pennington “offers you a wonderful way to distinguish your wedding and reception in order to make it as personal and unique as you are. They can help you weave your own story into the fabric of your wedding and create an event that you will treasure forever!”Perfect for larger weddings and receptions. 

The Hilton Hotel

Sky is the Limit when planning your wedding at the Hilton Hotel. The staff is courteous and trained to provide you with the best service for your very large or not so large wedding. From getting ready, to Honeymoon, the Hilton provides it all to ensure that your wedding planning is as seamless as possible.


Historic Rice Mill

For those of you who absolutely need to marry in Charleston, consider the Historic Rice Mill. “The elegant space is as beautiful as it is adaptable, and can easily be personalized for the most elaborate of themes or the simplest…There is no doubt that The Historic Rice Mill books up very quickly during Charleston wedding season, which typically begins at the onset of Spring. This can be attributed to the impeccable venue as well as the thorough guidance provided by the venue team to ensure nothing but an exceptional wedding day.”

Seriously, what is not to love about this location!


Three Pines View Lodge

And last but not least, is the amazing Three Pines View lodge, located minutes away from both Lake Jocassee and Keowee, yet close to Greenville, Clemson, Asheville, and Atlanta, Three Pines View  are a resort that is close to home yet feels a world away….And a perfect location for an intimate and memorable wedding with close family and friends.


Are there other Locations that you are considering? Care to share which ones and why. Send me an e-mail or leave a comment below!



How to prepare for your engagement make-over session!

So you’re ready to take your engagement photos. It will be fun, exhilarating and you will be drop dead gorgeous, but these steps at minimum must be followed to ensure a successful photo session for you and your beau…


  1. Get lots of sleep the night before! Not a necessity but it totally helpsjrbefore01
  2. Select appropriate clothing ahead of time and send to photographer for approval. Your photographer is not a stylist purse, but she has taken enough photos in her life to know what combinations will work depending on the look you are going for. You certainly don’t want to show up for your shoot without proper attire and be disappointed..and bring extra too! Accidents do happen!jrb04
  3. arrive with clean, recently shampooed AND dried hair so the stylist can work magic on your coif! If you decide to do a hair color change, do so long before your scheduled shoot to make sure you are pleased with color results.jrb05




4. It would not be a bad I deal to moisturize your skin so the make-up artist had a clean, fresh canvas to begin with. Maybe even get a facial ahead of time…jrb10


5. If you”be showing off your bling, make sure your nails are camera ready too. If you are not into the whole manicure salon thing, at least makes sure they are not dirty or torn..clip them..seriously at bare minimum.jrb15





6. Did you know? Something that may escape your preparation radar is that good underwear goes a long way in making you feel beautiful for your shoot! 😉jrb16



7.. And finally, come prepared to feel beautiful, have fun and make sure you have plans after to show the world your gorgeous look of the day:-)


Full service engagement shoot: Taylors Mill

What if in addition to having great photos, you can have the opportunity to get all dolled up for a night out with your beau? ( after all why waste all that perfectly good make-up and hairstyle on just photos!)

If you are not into doing a themed shoot or being formal for your pictures, you can still look amazing and enjoy the entire experience. Go from cute to cuter for your shoot. Here is a tiny Snippet:
















Book a Portrait make -over shoot now here:

Portrait Make-over

How to Have fun at your wedding

Step 1: Have a casual rehearsal dinner!

Fancy rehearsal dinners are great, however, if your college friends and roommates will be there, they might want something a little more casual to relive those college (or high school days). Even grandpa can have fun watching you younglings make absolute fools of yourselves 🙂


Step 2: Give yourself enough time to unwind before the ceremony

Yes, you may want to rush to marry your sweetheart but giving yourself enough time and giving your husband to be enough time to hang with his pals, will give you an opportunity to , well not necessarily relax but ponder on the sacred vow you will make shortly and strengthen your convictions as to why you fell in love and want to marry this fella in the first place. Time away is good! Really!


Step 3: Invite that one crazy niece or nephew of yours to add a little flavor:-)

If your wedding is kids free, no worries, you are bound to have one family member that knows exactly how to add drama to your wedding, as long as you can deal with it!


Step 4: Have you thought about live music?

Live music can add the perfect taste and fun to any ceremony. It sets the tone for guests and its a great way to entertain them as you prepare to walk down the aisle.


Step 5: Enjoy that first kiss and every moment after with each other 

If there’s one thing I regret about my wedding day, it would be that I never gave my husband any sugary kisses at our wedding. Its the Jamaican in me, public displays of a affection just didn’t come easy back then. Nut oh the memories you will have if your photographer can capture those for you. They are priceless.

Step 6:  Play child games

Yes thats right! On your mark. Get set? Go! (Try doing that in a wedding dress and suit!) Yes be silly, you won’t regret it!

Step 7: Play more child games!


Step 8: Dance the night away!

No explanations necessary 😉


and finally, don’t forget to get all those memories printed in your heirloom album & enjoy for decades to come!



Winter wedding anyone? Charleston SC: Historic Rice Mill

I have to say, up north I enjoyed doing winters in the wedding because of the potential of a winter wonderland BUT The south has its own gems and its own benefits. In fact, regardless of what season you get Married in South Carolina, I guarantee, there are amazing venues that can provide great the perfect backdrop for your nuptials!Here is one to give you some ideas.







































Tie Breaker bowties

Historic Rice Mill

Absolutely Charleston

Waiting on Wild flowers

Lux and Union

Intimate Fall wedding: The Hubbell Homestead, Bennington, Vermont

Vermont Wedding photos

A wedding does not need to be elaborate to be exquisite! With less than 20 guests, this couple had the most perfect afternoon affair, filled with great wine, food and a bonfire! Feast your eyes please on these Vermont Wedding photos. See how this couple accomplished it then read on for some helpful tips when planning your Vermont wedding.


We love Vermont! Had it not been for those gruesome winter days and hazy skies. We would still live there . But we take several trips each year to photograph weddings in the area. A few things to keep in mind when planning your Vermont wedding is

  1. The weather is unpredictable. We got married in August. The weather was perfect all week leading up to our wedding day, then on Saturday the temperature dropped and it rained cats and dogs. Luckily our photographer still got great photos we could cherish and the rain held up a bit so I could ride in my horse and buggy:-)..but the weather totally was unexpected!
  2. Even if you are having a very small wedding like the wedding above, some venues will require that you get your own  liquor license so that you can enjoy some wine.
  3. Bonfires are cool.  So if your venue allows it, your guest will truly thank you if you provide a bonfire where they can snuggle up with their significant other and talk about how cool your wedding was and how much fun they had and how the food was great yaddi yaddi yada!
  4. Vermont is a destination state so be advised that locations can get booked up months in advance. So be sure to plan accordingly and lock in your venue way ahead of time. Some venues require that you book the entire venue with all rooms and suites for a minimum of two nights. Other require more. But make these plans way ahead of time to ensure you get the best rate for your perfect, story book Vermont wedding!

Spring Wedding: Three Pines View lodge, Salem, SC

Spring Wedding

My favorite season of all time in the South is Spring!! Glorious glorious Spring! So what does it take to pull off a spring wedding? Let these images help you with great ideas while you plan your own affair.


The Three Pines View  Lodge in Salem , SC is a unique gem nestled between the Blue Ridge mountains. Our bride took advantage of their “Lofty View”  room, complete with a loft and beautiful private deck. A deck where brides can sit and meditate on their upcoming nuptials to their sweetheart.

The Innkeepers also boast the ability to prepare a scrumptious meal for you and guests. If you are staying at the Lodge for your honeymoon as well, arrangements can be made for meals to be provided for you in your own suite. There is also a morning kitchen with fridge and microwave available in your room.

( What do you think about this groom’s bowtie? Custom made by Tiebreaker bowties..Check them out!!!

There is no way of  pinpointing when the trees will burst into wonderful spring blooms but lets just say, On May 4th, 2018, the Cherry blossoms and Magnolia Janes were in full bloom at Three Pines View. Perhaps something to think about for next year?

spring wedding bride

Spring wedding couple

spring wedding kiss

spring wedding black and white


Even small, intimate affairs require advance planning and a wonderful team of vendors who can help bring your wedding ideas to life. Sofia of Sofia Invitations  created a beautiful,  spring styled invitation suite and menu cards. Laura of Lux and Union  designed a bouquet with flowers that were mostly tulips and ranunculus in peach, pink and maroons. The bouquet also included  a few other things in there like dusty miller, white calla lilies, pale pink hydrangea, and some antiqued roses.  And whats more, these flowers were also used to add a bit of color to the beautiful 3 tiered pleated, lace designed cake created by Chelsea of Bluebird Bakehouse.


If the weather is good, the ceremony can take place outside on the landing above the Inn but there is also a covered pagoda with stunning views of the mountain range. You will just fall in love!

And as for photographs. This venue is just full of locations to get some wonderful shots of bride and groom! And I will forewarn you, it is not uncommon for the Inn’s pets to photobomb you! 😉 They just can’t help it!

spring wedding after ceremony

spring wedding after vows kiss

magnolia Jane wedding

on the porch spring blossoms

on the porch spring blossoms

cat in the pic

cat photobomb

porch portraits

purple blooms

three pines view wedding

three pines view entrance

three pines view entrance

reception time

deck wedding views

deck wedding kiss

deck wedding laugh

dog photobomb wedding

spring bride look

spirea flowers at wedding

And Of course, be sure to get these beautiful photos from your wedding off that usb stick and on to your lovely walls!!!



wedding night views0002.jpg




Tea, tarts & poetry: a romantic getaway on the battenkill in Manchester, Vermont

“The ceremony is over, the happy couple have bid there good byes. The Bride sneaks away first to the river  She sits reading her favorite book of Frost’s poetry, awaiting the arrival of her newly wedded husband.

Then he arrives! Finally they are alone to celebrate their newly exchanged commitment to each other. Forget the cake cutting in front of uncle T and his third wife, forget the first dance: together, alone, they will dance with each other, share morsels of warm apple pie and at dusk they row away on the Battenkill to their very own little cottage.”

Wedding planner : Event Design by Katie
Floral Designer : Fairland Farm VT













































manchester , Vermont is a very picturesque location. Take advantage of the battenkill river and beautiful autumn or summer colors for your intimate wedding affair.






































Why preserve your wedding photos!

I grew up in rays of sunshine, a stones throw from the ocean in Jamaica. Whatever “tikka tiki” fish we caught would be cooked in the backyard on a make shift coal stove.me-at-see-for-blog.jpg

I remember drinking mannish water ( goat soup) after they slaughtered “Sheba” (yes we named our food) in the back yard. Grandpa came wearing black slacks and white shirt and drank his soup and ate his goat right in the backyard with us. Man such fond memoriesskinning sheba




Thats me in the middle in white dress and red shoes!!

After running my dads photo studio for a few years , my curiosity took me to explore Vermont. I never knew such pristine beauty could also dish out such cruel, bitter, relentless cold. Thanks to a few friends, a great art community and my now husband, Vermont became tolerable.


uhhm that last picture is not my husband, thats a musician…Lucas was behind the camera. 

Then I learned a new language, found a one way ticket to Taiwan on an adventure never to be repeated… Well so I thought but Lucas and I for our second honeymoon went back to Taiwan and enjoyed, “Hot pots, bible tea , and other asian treats! I lived for those Chinese night markets!


Fast forward ten years, and I’m now in SC with my husband, parents, beautiful child and another on the way. Having tangible prints in my hand and on the walls in my home, to relive all of life’s greatest experiences are of utmost importance to me. The people who have come into my life and left, due to being oceans or time zones a part or …death are forever vivid and fresh in each photograph…

That is why it is important to me that all my clients, who treasure life and have rich experiences to share and relive, get these tangible prints of their own journey, especially the one of their love story, included with each of our wedding packages. Let us design something beautiful for you to remember ALWAYS!




For sentimental reasons

We live on our phones. We live in our computerized car, listening to podcasts; we live on Facebook, Instagram…we just can’t live without technology. But! We don’t go on a virtual vacation do we?  And we certainly don’t have a virtual wedding. Because no matter what- sights, sounds, textures and smells will forever be necessary for us to ENJOY  life!

That is why at Daydream Lane, we make sure that your wedding experience  can be tangibly relived through quality, hand-crafted products that suit your lifestyle.

Our Kallitypes



Our bestseller! Kallitypes are one of a kind historically made prints produced by yours truly, Daydrielane. Each print is carefully made through a process used in the late 1800’s when photography began to emerge as an art form. No prints are ever the same making them as unique as you are!



They create a visceral sensation, allowing you to relive your wedding day  with fondness and sentimentality!

Flush mounted albums

Our flush mounted albums are crafted by hand using archival materials. Choose from our Italian leather, canvas or photo covers. These heirloom albums will wow everyone who lays hands on them!




Folios are a classic way to display your favorite photos. They are handcrafted from archival mat board and covered with beautiful linen.



Our Lagniappes are handmade using archival canvas jute and hardwood. Unlike canvas gallery wraps, Lagniappe prints are beautiful hanging posters that can also be engraved with your names and wedding date. They are also great for engagement photos that can be hung during your reception for all your guest to admire!



How do you want to see your wedding 5, 10 years from now?

Do you want to walk by and see them on your walls, or do you want them in an album so that your child can flip through them?

Yes we believe that life should be lived with every sense imaginable!

At Daydream Lane, we are instilling  beautiful  memory through art