Portfolio Projects

Conquering SCD: Portraits of Individuals living with SCD.

…The making of the prints…a few examples Update: September is Sickle Cell Awareness month!! Please take a minute to find out all about Sickle Cell Disease, its symptoms and how it’s treated. Also find out how you can support those living with the disease, locally here in South Carolina. Please visit L.D Barksdale foundation. ANDContinue reading “Conquering SCD: Portraits of Individuals living with SCD.”

Figments of Memory

“Figments of Memory” is an exhibition of Kallitype and Vandyke prints portraying scenes of the domestic and everyday as they correspond to the artist’s own memory and imaginations. Some images are printed from negatives which have been spliced or otherwise altered and along with the unpredictability of the historical process, lends to a more subjectiveContinue reading “Figments of Memory”

Home: an exploration during Covid

So I’m plagiarizing my son! There! let me get that out there first but seriously, my eldest son has taken a liking to photography. Everyday he asks to borrow my phone to take pictures ( I don’t dare give him my camera yet as he’s a hyper active 4-year-old ). His viewpoint is so interesting!Continue reading “Home: an exploration during Covid”