How to Have fun at your wedding

Step 1: Have a casual rehearsal dinner!

Fancy rehearsal dinners are great, however, if your college friends and roommates will be there, they might want something a little more casual to relive those college (or high school days). Even grandpa can have fun watching you younglings make absolute fools of yourselves 🙂


Step 2: Give yourself enough time to unwind before the ceremony

Yes, you may want to rush to marry your sweetheart but giving yourself enough time and giving your husband to be enough time to hang with his pals, will give you an opportunity to , well not necessarily relax but ponder on the sacred vow you will make shortly and strengthen your convictions as to why you fell in love and want to marry this fella in the first place. Time away is good! Really!


Step 3: Invite that one crazy niece or nephew of yours to add a little flavor:-)

If your wedding is kids free, no worries, you are bound to have one family member that knows exactly how to add drama to your wedding, as long as you can deal with it!


Step 4: Have you thought about live music?

Live music can add the perfect taste and fun to any ceremony. It sets the tone for guests and its a great way to entertain them as you prepare to walk down the aisle.


Step 5: Enjoy that first kiss and every moment after with each other 

If there’s one thing I regret about my wedding day, it would be that I never gave my husband any sugary kisses at our wedding. Its the Jamaican in me, public displays of a affection just didn’t come easy back then. Nut oh the memories you will have if your photographer can capture those for you. They are priceless.

Step 6:  Play child games

Yes thats right! On your mark. Get set? Go! (Try doing that in a wedding dress and suit!) Yes be silly, you won’t regret it!

Step 7: Play more child games!


Step 8: Dance the night away!

No explanations necessary 😉


and finally, don’t forget to get all those memories printed in your heirloom album & enjoy for decades to come!



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