Intimate Fall wedding: The Hubbell Homestead, Bennington, Vermont

Vermont Wedding photos

A wedding does not need to be elaborate to be exquisite! With less than 20 guests, this couple had the most perfect afternoon affair, filled with great wine, food and a bonfire! Feast your eyes please on these Vermont Wedding photos. See how this couple accomplished it then read on for some helpful tips when planning your Vermont wedding.


We love Vermont! Had it not been for those gruesome winter days and hazy skies. We would still live there . But we take several trips each year to photograph weddings in the area. A few things to keep in mind when planning your Vermont wedding is

  1. The weather is unpredictable. We got married in August. The weather was perfect all week leading up to our wedding day, then on Saturday the temperature dropped and it rained cats and dogs. Luckily our photographer still got great photos we could cherish and the rain held up a bit so I could ride in my horse and buggy:-)..but the weather totally was unexpected!
  2. Even if you are having a very small wedding like the wedding above, some venues will require that you get your own  liquor license so that you can enjoy some wine.
  3. Bonfires are cool.  So if your venue allows it, your guest will truly thank you if you provide a bonfire where they can snuggle up with their significant other and talk about how cool your wedding was and how much fun they had and how the food was great yaddi yaddi yada!
  4. Vermont is a destination state so be advised that locations can get booked up months in advance. So be sure to plan accordingly and lock in your venue way ahead of time. Some venues require that you book the entire venue with all rooms and suites for a minimum of two nights. Other require more. But make these plans way ahead of time to ensure you get the best rate for your perfect, story book Vermont wedding!

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